loving lately

Just a few things I have been loving lately.

i really have been working on breathing deeply lately. it makes such a difference and anytime throughout the day when i notice i am breathing like above my neck, taking a deep breath all the way into my lungs makes me feel better instantly.
i know it’s november and it was 32 degrees here last night, but i can’t stop my iced oat milk lattes in the morning. oatley, a metal straw and a pretty glass makes it one of my favorite parts of the day.
i love this. i truly believe in keeping things simple. your house, your meals, your closet and your thoughts. noticing my thoughts has helped me so much in staying calm. also the calm app is amazing, i have been using it for three years and it is worth every penny.
toast. i also can’t stop with the toast over here. i put sea salt and spicy honey on everything.

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