friday five

Happy Friday! It is feeling so festive around here, I can’t believe it’s December 11th! I have already finished all my Christmas shopping but I am always browsing for my new favorite thing. Here is what I am loving this week! Have a good weekend!

  1. Menu Design Shop. I just discovered this shop and it is Such. A. Vibe. MENU is a Scandinavian brand creating contemporary design within furniture, lighting and accessories. I want everything. I have really been trying to minimize my life, house, closet etc. and their shop is a great place to get inspired!

2. Varley. Varley and Anine Bing did a style edit to create athlesiture meets fashion looks. I have really invested in a lot of new athleisture pieces this year and know I will continue to wear them over and over. I loved all the looks they put together and got a lot of inspo for my loungewear looks!

3. Skincare. I have really gotten into skincare the last couple years but self care and taking care of my skin is one thing that has really kept me sane this year. I love Herbivore Botanicals so much. They are from Seattle and a few years ago a family friend told me about how amazing her skin was after switching to their products. At the time I was having major skin problems and decided to throw out everything I had been using on my skin and bought one of their facial bar soaps, an oil and their night cream. After a few days my skin was literally so much better and after about two weeks my acne was completely gone. I tell everyone about them because they made such a difference in my skin and have since bought almost every product they have. A few of my faves are the Prism Exfoliating Glow Serum, Blue Tansy Mask, Rose Quartz Roller and the Phoenix Facial Oil.

4. Crystals. When I first started reading about crystals a few years ago I was hesitant to say the least. However now I don’t know what I did without my crystals! They make me feel so calm and I love sprinkling them around the house or putting them on my yoga mat when I am doing pilates. I love these blog posts on all the different kinds and what you can use them for.

5. Sequins. Even though the holidays are going to be different this year, I keep reaching for all my sequin things! I kind of have a collection and it’s sort of a joke among my friends. Every holiday season I add a few new pieces to my collection and Nordstrom always has a good selection. Sequins make everything happier!

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