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I started skiing when I was two, both of my parents are pretty good skiers so they would take us all over the place every winter. Some of my favorite memories are at ski cabins with our family friends, there would be about ten of us and we would wake up and have a big breakfast in the morning and then go skiing all day! Then at night everyone would rotate cooking dinner and we would hang out at the cabin by the fire. It was so cozy and such a fun tradition.

Once I got older I switched to snowboarding because it was the cool thing at the time. I snowboarded for a few years but never really got very good! Skiing is like riding a bike, since I started skiing so young it always felt super awkward to go down the mountain sideways. And don’t even get me started on getting off the chairlift sideways, with only one foot strapped in. Who decided that was a good idea? A few times I just felt so off, like I was going to face-plant in front of everyone. I waited too long to get off and then it was too late, so I had to ride back down the chairlift. Which is scarier than just getting off by the way! Long story short, I switched back to skiing a few years ago because it is just way more fun for me and I know how to get off the chairlift on skiis 🙂

My parents moved to Montana this summer and live about twenty minutes to a ski resort so I am sure I will be skiing a lot more often. I wanted to get some new ski clothes since I had still been wearing my snowboard gear even though I switched back to skiing. Here are some things that caught my eye so you will be warm but still look cute on the slopes! My family thinks I am crazy and always tell me “It’s not a fashion show”. But really, it is.

Perfect Moment Base Layer Top

Perfect Moment Base Layer Bottoms

Fusalp Goggles

Lip Tint With SPF

Monclear Boots

Ski Sweater

Moncler Scarf

Leather & Shearling Combat Boots

Fusalp Flared Ski Pants

Perfect Moment Star Ski Suit

Iridescent Puffer

Quilted Mittens

Moncler Beanie

Faux Fur Snood

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  1. Carol Egelston December 18, 2020

    We don’t think your nuts, just more fashionable than the rest of us!


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