2021 Trends

2020 was all about tie dye, whipped coffee and bike shorts. But what will 2021 bring us? Here are some trends I am seeing and loving for the new year! All images via pinterest.

Kitchen Lamps – the cutest way to add more light to your kitchen!

Marble Shelves In Kitchens / Kitchen Shelfies – i love this look.

Shoulder Pad Blazers – into this, very Diana.

Pastel’s – not super ground breaking but I love the monochrome look.

Hoodies Under Blazers – i.n.t.o. t.h.i.s.

These Bags from 2000 – good thing I kept mine. The best advice I can give you is literally E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. comes back in style.

Slipper Shoes – i am very into this, i can’t believe i used to wear shoes all day?

Skincare / Skinimilisim – remember when we used to wear makeup? i have added gua shua into my routine and it feels so good, it releases so much tension i didn’t realize i had in my face and it also reduces wrinkles! i use it with this orchid oil and then use the bakuchoil at night – bakuchoil is a great natural retinol alternative!

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