Things that make me happy

Every morning I try to write in my five minute journal and I always feel so much better starting the day when I do it! Something I love about it is it asks you to write down three things you are grateful for which always puts me in such a positive mood / headspace. Since I have been using the journal for a while I have noticed practicing gratitude every day really helps to keep me calmer, happier, more positive and less reactive. Thinking about things we are grateful for is probably more important than ever this last year, so I thought I would also start making a list of things that make me happy. Whenever I need a pick me up, something to do or want to switch up my routine, I look at this list for some inspo.

  1. Good coffee
  2. Fresh air
  3. Lighting a candle
  4. Checking things off a list
  5. Really cold sauv blanc
  6. Views of the water
  7. Baking cookies
  8. Freshly painted nails
  9. Doing a facemask
  10. Clean sheets
  11. Pizza on a friday night
  12. Laughing with my family
  13. Snail mail
  14. Pilates & meditating after
  15. Getting a new plant
  16. Turning on my record player
  17. Reading my cookbooks and trying a new recipe
  18. Planning a trip
  19. Watching Friends
  20. Flowers
  21. Frans dark chocolate salted caramels

What makes you happy these days?!

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