beachy dreaming

This year has been a challenge in so many ways. But one thing it has done is remind me of what is important and helped me to narrow down what really matters to me. Some of those things are, my family, my health, spending time with the people I love, new experiences and travel. I have been thinking a lot about the first vacation I want to take once it’s safe to travel again, and it is definitely going to be somewhere warm. I can’t wait to sit by the pool or walk on the beach and get some serious vitamin D. I usually take at least two beach or warm weather vacations every winter. It is necessary living in Seattle! This year I haven’t been able to do that, but I have been dreaming, planning and browsing all the beachy things on pinterest.

One of the first things I always thing about when planning a trip is what I am going to pack. Over the years I have learned that less really is more, especially during a beach vacation! I always end up wearing and using the same staples over and over and it’s so much easier to relax and live in the moment when you only have a few pieces to choose from. Something else that is a must is a good bag that you can take from the plane to the pool to the beach and to dinner. And lastly, you need a good hat!! I am all about protecting my face from the sun so I never go out without sunscreen and a hat. I wasn’t always that way and I totally wish I could go back and tell my younger self to take care of my skin!

I have collected some things I am loving with the best beachy vibes. These are things you can use over and over and will throw in your bag for every beach vacation you take!

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